SSH and Firewalls

So working from home just became a bit easier. Back when I used a windows machine it was a piece of cake. Login to the VPN, and remote desktop to my computer and then I could work. It was awkward, but it was doable.

Fast forward to moving to Ubuntu and I knew I could ssh in. But in the process of setting up the Linux box I forgot I installed ufw as a firewall and never set it up to accept ssh.

I knew I could do it. I had installed the ssh server. I set up the ssh key and all that and still I was a no go.

It all came down to ufw blocking my port. Oops. But a quick google search, and my laptop can now successfully SSH into my work computer while I’m on the VPN.

My next step in working from home will be the ability to view the dev intranet environment on my computer at work while editing in nano. I suppose I could set up mssql drivers on my laptop as that’s really the only thing stopping me from just doing it fully on my laptop.