Dev Environment

I typically develop at work so my system is pretty standard, but I like to code and learn new things everywhere so I try to keep that learning stuff to some sort of online environment so I can do it at both home and work. I typically use Cloud 9 IDE, but Codeanywhere has been looking pretty good lately so today I went ahead and started using it for my current home grown project and to learn more about TDD, Laravel 5.4 and Vue. Considering throwing Spark in, but I think I’ll stick with straight Laravel for now.

Laravel in the future will requires PHP 7 so I wanted to cut that out of the upgrade process for now. I could install that with CentOS, but I’d prefer to stick with Ubuntu since that’s what I use at work and would likely use if I could dual box my machine at home without worrying I’m going to lose information (I’m highly paranoid!!!) I had to upgrade the default install. Which actually was pretty easy with the nice handy guide over at Tildee. There was only one caveat: I had to use php7.0-xml instead of php-xml as composer gave an error for phpunit.

The upside to using Codeanywhere is it has a mobile app – so I can at least use it to some degree on my phone when I’m not at home and bored.


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